Multier HMS

Finally, a hospital-grade health management system designed specifically for schools.

Powered by EfficaSee Analytics, Multier HMS combines clinic management, electronic medical recordkeeping, and environmental health in a single, Web-based application.

Multier HMS makes health services delivery simple, fast, and effective, giving nurses more time to do what they do best, while giving administrators the power to measure and maximize the effectiveness of ANY health-related program, process, product, policy, or procedure.

what we do

Healthier students, safer learning environments, more efficient clinic operations AND the data-driven insights to fuel continuous improvement.

In this post-pandemic era of heightened school health safety awareness, getting it wrong is not an option. As a result, the demands being placed on school health services staff often exceed the limits of available resources. Multier HMS is designed to alleviate the administrative hassles and headaches associated with student health and clinic management. Our innovative SaaS solution equips school nurses with an easy and intuitive platform for efficiently and effectively managing student health, optimizing staff time, and managing & evaluating clinic personnel, saving valuable time during each student interaction. The EfficaSee analytics engine then transforms the resulting data into powerful operational insights that drive better management decisions at every organizational level.

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Powered by EfficaSee™

Centralized clinic and health management

Managed database solution

Electronic Medical Recordkeeping

Medication scheduling

Appointment scheduling & time management

Immunization management

Disease tracking & surveillance

Staff management reporting for time mgmt & performance evaluation

Health data tracking, compilation, analysis & reporting

Mobile device compatability

HIPAA-compliant with data encryption & security

Seamless integration with other SIS applications



Advanced stats package

Management analytics

Aggregate data compilation, analyis & reporting

Intuitive user interface with simple yet powerful dashboards

Fully customizable reports

Industry-standard data encryption & security

Data integration across all major SIS platforms


A fully-functionalized tool for managing all aspects of student health & safety


Easy, simple, and logical workflows with minimal clicks to complete tasks effortlessly


Backed by decades of real-world, K12 health, safety and environmental management experience


Actionable insights driving informed decisions enabling continuous process improvement

what we do better

"There are two methods in software design. One is to make the program so simple, there are obviously no errors. The other is to make it so complicated, there are no obvious errors."

— Tony Hoare

British Computer Scientist

We choose simple. It’s in our DNA. School information systems, like the management problems they endeavor to solve, have become convoluted, confusing, cumbersome, and costly. In contrast, Multier HMS, powered by EfficaSee Analytics, is as simple as it is powerful; as intuitive as it is impactful. It is the culmination of 30+ years of combined experience solving real-world problems in the K12 health & safety management space. In their pursuit of operational excellence, school districts are abandoning their longstanding, reactionary management methods and embracing those that are not merely proactive, but preventive, predictive, and optimization-focused. Multier HMS is designed to facilitate that transformation across the entire school health, safety, and environmental management landscape.

Application Deployment Process



Deploy base application to pilot user group for baseline evaluation. Gather user feedback and recommendations.



Define customization requirements & project scope. Stakeholder sign-offs.



Refine user interface and data models.



Evaluate customized application.



Finalize refinements. Perform pre-launch testing. Launch working application.

Frequently Asked Questions

Multier Analytics customizes every deployment of our health management software around the unique requirements and preferences of each individual client. We’ve designed hundreds of innovative features and functionalities for helping school districts more effectively manage the health & safety of their student populations. Only after carefully listening to the unique challenges, experiences, needs, and wants of each prospective client do we actually assemble those features & functionalities into a customized demo for them to view as a live presentation.

In the student health and safety domain, every school district has its own preferred way of tracking health, operating their clinics, and managing the medical records of thousands of students. In addition, local and state health departments have widely varying reporting requirements regarding immunizations, communicable diseases, and specific health conditions. A one-size-fits-all approach to health management software leaves nurses navigating through a sea of useless functionalities en-route to those that they use on a regular basis. With our customized approach, what you need (and use) is exactly what you get.

When we set out to build the most effective school health management platform available anywhere, we began by closely examining our competition. We interviewed dozens of school nurses and health services administrators who described their current health management systems using words like bloated, clunky, cumbersome and time-intensive. With that feedback, we effectively had our marching orders. We designed Multier HMS to be simple, fast, intuitive, and, most importantly impactful. Simple means getting only the functionalities that you’ll need and use. Fast means you’ll accomplish your tasks with the minimum number of clicks. Intuitive means the path you follow to get from A to B makes logical sense, making it seem effortless. Impactful means that the information you’ll get from our reports and dashboards will provide you with deeper, more actionable insights to drive better, more informed management decisions.

At Multier we do sales differently. When you click "Contact Us" and give us your info, one of our product development specialists (NOT a sales person) will reach out to schedule a conversation about your specific health management needs, wants, and interests. If, at the end of that discussion, everyone decides that a product demo makes sense, we’ll get out our planners and pick a time for a live demonstration. The demo is just that, a demonstration of the features and functionalities of our product against the backdrop of your unique needs.

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